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Venus Mound (Mons Pubis) Aesthetics

Venus Mound (Mons Pubis) Aesthetics

What is the venus mound? Where is it?

The mons pubis, also known as the venus mound, is the area just below your bikini line.

In the medical field, it is referred to as Mons pubis, Mons veneris, or pubic mound.

Upper pubic fat (in the Mons pubis, area of ​​the venus mound) is a mass of fatty tissue that accumulates in your pelvic and groin areas just below your bikini line.

When you rapidly gain a lot of weight, the mons pubis starts to bulge outward. This results in an unattractive look when you wear revealing clothes such as pants or swimsuits.

Complaints about the venus mound (mons pubis) are usually in the following three forms;

  • A bulging venus mound,
  • A saggy venus mound,
  • A collapsed or scarred venus mound due to previous surgeries such as a cesarean section.

The aforementioned complaints are often a direct result of noticeable swelling under one’s swimsuit. This unsightly swelling or bump is caused by stubborn fat accumulating in your pelvic and groin areas. Particularly when you gain weight, the venus mound starts to bulge out resulting in an unattractive appearance when you wear revealing or tight clothes.

Most of us do not like to have excess fat on our bodies, no matter where it is. Many factors come into play to determine the distribution of fat in a woman's body, and most women experience fat accumulation in the upper groin area. Another complaint is the prolapse of the mons pubis. The venus mound usually begins to sag when many women lose weight or after carrying a pregnancy. A sagging mons pubis distorts the external appearance of the vagina by causing the formation of wrinkles.

Indeed, a fat upper pubic area can cause embarrassment and social distress, especially when wearing trousers; the mons pubis becomes prominent in this case. Under normal conditions, one’s trousers would properly fit the hips; however, when the mons pubis is large, the trousers do not fit properly and the front part becomes very prominent. Many women with a fat upper pubic area will refrain from wearing bikinis or underwear that draw attention to this area of ​​their body.

Most of the time, despite strict diets, the ‘stubborn’ fats on the venus mound do not melt. In an interview with Vogue magazine in 2018, Beyoncé revealed that after giving birth to twins, her mons pubis became more evident after pregnancy and cesarean section and did not go away despite a strict diet.

Indeed, pregnancy, cesarean section, and weight loss can all lead to excess fat and saggy skin in the pelvic area. This condition is not just a cosmetic concern; it can cause other medical problems for many women. Excess fatty tissue in the lower abdomen can cause the skin underneath to become irritated, inflamed, and even ulcerated. Moreover, in women with prominent and swollen mons area, the groin area often sweats frequently and becomes difficult to clean.

It is not uncommon for women with a fat upper pelvic area to complain of bad odors from their private parts. Many women (and men) complain that the abnormal protruding mons pubis causes back pain due to its weight and the effect it has on their posture. Unfortunately, a bulging mons pubis doesn't go away with exercise.

Before explaining the aesthetics of the mons pubis, let's first explain the underlying reasons for a large and fat mons pubis.

Mons Pubis Estetiği Öncesi Sonrası

What Causes an Enlarged Mons Pubis? Why Does the Venus Mound Fatten Up?

Various factors can cause the growth and fattening of the Mons pubis.


Your genes are the most important determinant in the formation of a large bulging venus mound. Genetics determines how your body stores excess fat. Some people may store fat around the abdomen, some around the hips, thighs, back, and in the upper groin area (this is common in many men and women).

Your genes not only determine where your body stores fat, but they also determine where your body starts burning fat when you start exercising and dieting, and your abdomen and mons pubis may be the last (and least) area to respond to your efforts. Therefore, the most effective way to get rid of a fat venus mound is surgical mons pubis lipoaspiration and/or stretching operation.

Rapid Weight Loss/Gain

When you gain too much weight too quickly, excess fat is bound to accumulate unevenly in different parts of your body. One of the most common areas to store fat is the mons pubis (the venus mound or the suprapubic region); therefore, fat accumulation forms a bulging and unsightly mons pubis. Conversely, when you lose weight too fast, fatty tissue in the mons pubis and hip area is usually the last to be burned. For this reason, a bloated appearance and saggy skin, which does not go away with diets or exercises, may occur in your lower abdomen.


When you become pregnant, your body undergoes many changes because of the baby growing inside you. Fat will be stored all over your body to cushion your uterus and provide enough energy to carry the pregnancy to term. Unfortunately, many women (like Beyonce) find it difficult to get rid of pregnancy fat and excess sagging skin after giving childbirth, resulting in a stubborn and unattractive area in the groin area.

Many women come to us to ask how to get rid of swollen mons pubis after a c-section. Thankfully, a pubic lift (monsplasty) can help you regain your pre-pregnancy body. After the operation, you will have a flatter and more attractive lower abdomen.

How is the Aesthetics of the Mons Pubis (Monsplasty) done?

We frequently receive questions such as: How is mons pubis aesthetic done? is it difficult? How can one get rid of excess mons pubis fat? How can I get rid of the prominent enlarged venus mound?

Although women try to flatten the mons pubis bulge in classical and strenuous ways such as diet and proper exercises, the fat stored in the lower abdomen and groin area is often stubborn and does not go away easily. In addition, it is almost impossible to get rid of excess skin that occurs after pregnancy or rapid weight loss without surgery.

The best way to get rid of an enlarged mons pubis and flatten the venus mound is to have liposuction. This operation is one of the procedures under cosmetic gynecology, which can be combined with vaginal tightening and labiaplasty depending on the need.

Surgery to remove excess sagging skin (Mons Pubis Reduction) is usually done in conjunction with a lower tummy tuck procedure and a mons pubis lipoaspiration to achieve the best possible results.

Venüs Tepesi, Mons Pubis Estetiği, Öncesi Sonrası

Venus Mound (Mons Pubis) Lift Surgery

Venus mound lift surgery is also called pubic lift, monsplasty, and panniculectomy. The first step in the operation is to make a straight incision along your bikini line, extending from one hip to the other, using the lipoaspiration method. Next is to remove excess skin and fat from your lower abdomen (tummy tuck) and upper groin area (mons reduction).

Then the skin at both ends is pulled up and tightened. After the excess fatty tissue and skin are removed and the remaining skin ends are brought together, your doctor will close the wound with very thin, absorbable sutures to minimize scar formation.

Mons Pubis Liposuction, Venus Mound Liposuction, Venus Mound Removal

Mons Pubis liposuction or lipoaspiration is the process of removing excess fat under your skin with negative pressure and with the help of a rigid catheter (a special metal rod with holes on it). To achieve the best possible results, this process can be performed in conjunction with a pubic lift (Monsplast ),where excess sagging skin is removed after removing the fat.

Your surgeon will insert the catheter through small skin incisions to remove fat from your groin area. After the fat tissue is removed by liposuction, the venus mound decreases in size and becomes flat. After Mons liposuction, a pubic lift can be performed by removing excess skin in the same session (Monsplasty).

However, liposuction can be done on its own if you just want a venus mound liposuction or are planning to become pregnant. It is worth noting that excess sagging skin is not removed when liposuction is performed alone. If you have plans to carry a pregnancy, it is a better option to have mons pubis reduction (mons pubis lift, mons reduction) surgery after delivery to remove excess skin in your lower pelvic area, as the skin may sag again during pregnancy.

What Should Be Considered After Monsplasty Surgery?

You can usually be discharged on the same day after a monsplasty surgery. If you have an operation in the morning, you will be required to stay in the hospital for observation until the evening. It is normal to have some temporary complaints in the surgical area during the recovery period after the venus mound operation. These complaints will only last a short time. Some common complaints are;

  • Edema: Edema is seen in the area where the fat is removed. This edema, which is absorbed by the lymphatic vessels, will disappear in 15 to 30 days due to the slow functioning of the lymph vessels.
  • Bruise: The bruising of the operation area is an extremely normal and expected situation and is temporary.
  • Pain: You may feel pain in both your lower abdominal and pelvic areas.

These will gradually fade away as the days go by, and in the first week following the surgery, your surgeon will prescribe pain relievers, antibiotics, and bruise relief cream to assist you in the healing process. During this first week, ice is applied five times a day for edema and bruising. In order to get rid of the edema quickly, you will be required to use a panty corset for a month.

The incision site heals in about a week. You are advised not to take a shower for a few days after the procedure. As time passes and the swelling decreases, you will notice a positive change in the shape of your abdomen and mons pubis area, as you will no longer have a bulging venus mound in your lower abdomen, but a smooth and flat mons pubis.

Does the Mons Pubis Lift Surgery Leave Scars?

When performing a tummy tuck and/or monsplasty, the doctor will make a surgical incision just below your bikini line. We use meticulous techniques and fine absorbable aesthetic sutures to ensure that scarring is minimal. There is no perfect way to completely prevent scarring, but since your scar will stay under your bikini, it will be well hidden. Also, since the scar will be thin, you would not have to worry about it. The upshot of the entire procedure is that your physical expectations are met and you are free in clothing; it will allow you to wear revealing clothes to show your tummy.

The Cost of Venus Mound Aesthetics

Venus mound aesthetic prices are one of the frequently searched topics. Complaints about the venus mound (mons pubis) usually fall under two areas. The first one is the swelling/enlargement due to the accumulated stubborn fat and the other is the sagging/drooping of the venus mound. While fat removal is required for swelling-related complaints, a pubic lift is required for sagging. For this reason, the fees may vary depending on whether you have one or both of these procedures. You can contact us to see the before and after photos of our previous patients, as well as to obtain detailed information about the cost and other concerns you may have.


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