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Hymen Restoration/Repair

What is the Hymen? What Is It Like?

The hymen is a ring-shaped structure located approximately 2 cm inside the vagina. The hymen acts as a kind of barrier that prevents microbes from entering the vagina. The name hymen is of Latin origin, Hymen is the name of the goddess of marriage in Greek mythology. The hymen still maintains its social and cultural importance in our country and in many parts of the world. It can tear or rip after unfortunate accidents or after sexual intercourse.

How far into the vagina is the hymen?

Where exactly is the hymen? Your hymen is approximately 2-3 cm inside your genitals. There is a possibility that your hymen could tear as a result of accidents or friction during sexual intercourse, so it is important to know the exact location of the hymen.

Where is the hymen examination performed?

This is a topic of interest to some people. A request for a hymen examination is usually the result of experiencing suspicious bleeding or simply out of fear. Hymen examinations can be performed on request in private clinics. Conversely, hymen examinations are not generally performed in public hospitals unless there is a forensic situation.

What does a hymen examination entail?

We found that it is common for patients to feel embarrassed when applying for a hymen examination. However, this is wrong; you don't need to be ashamed, because we doctors do these examinations thousands of times, so it’s something we are used to. Therefore, there is no need to develop cold feet about the procedure. In the hymen examination, you are brought to the gynecological (examination) table.

The obstetrician holds the two outer vaginal lips (labia majora) with gauze and stretches them sideways, enough to make the hymen visible. Then he/she says if there is a tear in the ring-shaped structure. Generally, at the end of the examination, the ring-shaped structure of the hymen is likened to a clock such that the location of the tear is described using the hour-hand of a clock. For example, there is a tear at 8 o'clock.

How do we conclude that the hymen is torn?

“How do I understand if my hymen is torn?”, “What are the symptoms of hymen rupture?”, etc. are some questions from I receive girls. Even the symptoms of a damaged hymen are also among the subjects of interest.

How do we know for ourselves that the hymen is broken?

This is one of the most common questions on the minds of young girls. However, the person who can best answer whether the hymen is damaged is an obstetrician. If you have such questions in your mind, you can get rid of your doubts by consulting a specialist doctor as soon as possible.

Can the hymen be repaired (restored)?

The hymen can be repaired in two ways - permanent repair and temporary repair. The permanent repair, as the name implies, is a long-lasting (lifetime) solution. The temporary repair, on the other hand, lasts only for a certain period of time. When this time elapses, the hymen returns to its previous (torn) state. It is important to remember that hymen restoration requires a lot of experience and can be done by a very experienced gynecologist. In both methods, you will experience 100% bleeding, so you will get precise results.

Will there be bleeding after hymen repair?

There is no bleeding after hymen restoration, only spotting. Particularly in the first week following the procedure, you may experience gradually decreasing spotting day by day.

How long does it take to repair the hymen?

A permanent hymen repair takes about 20-25 minutes, while the temporary procedure takes an average of 10 minutes.

Will it be obvious that the hymen has been repaired?

This is largely dependent on the experience of the surgeon who performs the procedure. A hymen repaired by an experienced doctor is virtually impossible to tell. By extension, a post-repair hymen examination after marriage or during childbirth would not reveal that a repair procedure was previously performed.

Where is the hymen repair procedure done?

This is a very important question, given that hymen repair is an extremely private and confidential operation, and you are likely to encounter many people in private and public hospitals. In addition, you may have to wait in line and may end up meeting someone familiar.

That's why people prefer to have their hymen restoration procedures done in private clinics with an appointment system. This way, you will receive special treatment, and you will not be able to meet anyone you don’t want to meet.

Hymen Removal Surgery (Hymenectomy)

Under normal conditions, there is a hole in the middle of the hymen. This hole exists so that menstrual bleeding can flow outward. Sometimes, the hymen can be completely closed from birth. In this case, menstruation accumulates inside the vagina with no outlet to flow out. Sometimes, the hymen may be bridged or have a really narrow opening (less than necessary),and in such a case, there may be menstrual bleeding, but the opening may not allow sexual intercourse.

Such cases could be treated with specialized operations to make the hymen normal. When the hymen is fully closed, horizontal and vertical incisions are made and the middle of the hymen is opened. For a bridged hymen or one that will not allow intercourse, the vaginal opening is made large enough to allow intercourse. This operation will take an average of 10 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. It does not require hospital stays, you can return home immediately after the procedure.

What is hymen restoration (repair)?

The procedure, as the name implies, involves repairing a damaged hymen. Hymen repair can be done in two ways: permanent repair or temporary repair. The damaged hymen is repaired and restored to its former state and strength. The flap method is used for repairing the hymen. The use of a laser is optional in the flap method. Generally, laser cutting is used to melt and cut tissues, so it's not the name of the hymen repair method. Whether the procedure is done with a laser or in the normal way, the important thing is whether the flap method can be done well or not. When the hymen is repaired by very experienced hands, you will get 100% results.

How is the hymen repaired?

The hymen can be repaired permanently or temporarily. In permanent hymen repair using the flap method, the hymen is reconstructed with tissues (known as flaps) taken from the special areas of the old hymen. An experienced doctor can reconstruct a replica of your old hymen. In addition, you will get 100% results from an experienced doctor. The temporary hymen repair, as the name suggests, is for a temporary period. For example, it is done to last for 4-7 days. In other words, if you have intercourse any day during this period, you will bleed. After this period elapses, your hymen will return to its pre-repair state.

What is Hymen Restoration Surgery (Hymenoplasty)?

This is the hymen repair surgery performed with the flap method. It is 100% successful when performed by experienced doctors.

Is hymen repair done in a state hospital?

Hymen repair cannot be done in a state hospital, except in rare cases of medical necessity or rape for forensic reasons.

How is permanent hymen repair done?

In permanent hymen repair, the hymen membrane is permanently restored with the flap method. After permanent hymen repair, the restored hymen is permanent for a lifetime until your first sexual intercourse. The process takes an average of 20-25 minutes. If necessary, it can be done together with vaginal tightening. The procedure is usually done under local anesthesia. There is no registration requirement, and all your private information is kept confidential.

Therefore, no one will know that you had such a procedure done. In fact, different patients who undergo this same procedure do not meet. You can immediately return home after the repair surgery, as it does not interfere with your daily life. We are keen on confidentiality, so much so that even your family will not know/find out that you had the procedure done. There is not much pain after the procedure, and the recovery time is about 3 weeks on average.

Reviews Of People Who Have Had Permanent Hymen Repair

Unfortunately, there is a lot of unwholesome information on the Internet. While the subject of the hymen is a matter of life and death for some, it can be a joke for some. In order to protect you from this unhealthy info and to help you, we ask our patients for real comments. It is possible to reach the real comments of those who have permanent hymen repair here or on drfatihadanacioglu.com.

Comments about Laser Hymen Repair (Laser Hymenoplasty)

A laser is only an auxiliary tool used in surgery for burning and cutting. We also use a laser if our patients request it. However, whether or not a laser is used is not the important thing to focus on; what is important is the experience of the doctor who will perform the hymenoplasty. You can find real comments from our previous patients regarding this procedure on drfatihadanacioglu.com.

How is hymen repair performed? How many types are there?

The hymen restoration surgery is usually planned based on the date of the patient’s marriage. In other words, for women whose wedding dates are very close, the temporary approach is preferred; conversely, those with no immediate wedding plans usually opt for the permanent procedure. Recall that the hymen can be repaired permanently or temporarily.

Permanent Hymen Repair

If your marriage is one month (or more than one month) away, you can choose this procedure, because the recovery takes an average of three weeks. In this repair method, a hymen is formed again with the flap taken from the side walls of the vagina. The process takes an average of 20-25 minutes. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. It could also be performed under general anesthesia, if necessary. You will experience very mild pain during or after the procedure. We can also call the permanent hymen repair method a lifetime restoration.

Temporary Hymen Repair

You can choose this method if your wedding is in one week or less. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes about 10 minutes. You will not feel any pain during the procedure. After the procedure, you should regularly use the drugs prescribed by your doctor. Since the thread used during the procedure is the same as the tissue, it is indistinguishable and the stitches are invisible; therefore, your partner will be unable to tell during intercourse.

Things To Consider After Hymen Repair

As in every process, there are some points to be considered after the hymen repair process. These are points to be carefully noted during the first month following the surgery;

  • Vaginal dryness and cleaning should be given importance after hymen repair irrespective of the procedure underwent - permanent or temporary.
  • In order to avoid infection, you should refrain from going into the sea, a pool, or a sauna for one month.
  • Avoid using public toilets after your surgery. If you must do so, be mindful of vaginal hygiene.
  • Refrain from wearing tight-fitting trousers for about a month after the surgery.
  • After the hymen repair, you should use the drugs prescribed by your doctor regularly and correctly.

Choosing a Doctor to Perform Hymen Repair

Hymen repair is a very important issue for every young girl and should not be left to chance. For the last 16 years, I have always been by the side of thousands of girls in need of this procedure, and I will continue to apply all my experiences to help in this regard. You can visit our clinic for a free appointment or call us on our contact numbers; I am always happy to assist you.

How much does hymen repair cost?

Every young woman has the right to research this and consider her budget. On average, an experienced physician usually charges between 4000-6000 TL for a permanent hymenoplasty. The temporary hymen repair is in a more affordable price range. You can also get detailed financial information about the procedure by calling our contact numbers.

Where is the hymen?

The location of the hymen is very important, and it is important for all girls to know because the vagina is touched during both waxing and cleaning. The hymen is about 2-3 cm from the outside of your genitals.

Where is the hymen located?

This is an important question in cases such as masturbation or friction from a pillow because a wrong movement can damage the hymen. The hymen is just at the entrance of the vagina, specifically 2-3 cm from the exterior.

How is the hymen torn?

Similar questions like “How is the hymen broken?”, “How does the hymen tear?”, or “How easily can the hymen be pierced?” are frequently asked. If the hymen is not taken care of during sexual intercourse, in an accident, during heavy sports, or through other friction-inducing activities, it can be damaged. It can also be ruptured by inserting the finger too far into the vagina during masturbation. The damage to the hymen is directly related to the tearing of the membrane.

What is the structure of the hymen?

The hymen is a tissue with a mucosal structure, located about two centimeters inside the vagina. It has capillaries on it.

Types of Hymen

There are 5 types of hymen;

  • Annular hymen: It is a ring-shaped hymen with a frequency of 99% in girls.
  • Cribriform hymen: It is a type of hymen with many small holes (like a sieve) on it.
  • Septate hymen: This is a type that has a band of extra tissue (analogous to a bridge) called septa that results in a ‘divided’ hymen.
  • Imperforate hymen: The hymen is congenitally completely closed, so it must be opened by operation.
  • Parous introitus hymen: This type of hymen is characterized by a wide middle cavity (i.e., the hymen is nearly or completely absent). It could be congenital or the result of sexual intercourse, and it is such that there is no bleeding at all during intercourse. The parous introitus hymen resulting from congenital reasons is very rare.

Does the hymen hurt?

“How much does it hurt if the hymen ruptures?” may also be asked. The hymen is torn during the first sexual intercourse. One’s first sexual intercourse is a special affair because you don't have any prior sexual experience. Feelings of fear and panic are commonly experienced during this first intercourse. This fear may reflect on your body and cause you to tighten your vaginal muscles. When the penis enters your vagina, the experience may hurt more than normal because of this tightening. When the hymen ruptures, it is usually never as painful as you may have feared; you only experience tingling and burning sensations.

How could the pain of a torn hymen be described?

Many girls who have had their first sexual intercourse describe this as a combination of needle prick and burning sensations. However, a small number say that they felt nothing. In your first sexual intercourse, you can calm your nerves by keeping the foreplay with your partner long. This would increase the amount of wetting, thereby making the vagina more lubricated.

Hymen Pain

When the hymen is broken, you feel some pain. This pain will last for a few days but will decrease with time because the torn tissue will quickly heal.

How long does hymen pain last? How many days does the hymen pain last?

The hymen pain lasts about 2-3 days, but sometimes it could last longer due to traumatic sexual intercourse. This is caused by the tightening of the vaginal muscles; consequently, the hymen and the vaginal tissue tear. You may even experience pain while sitting.

Where does hymen blood come from?

When the hymen is ruptured, blood flows out from the vagina. So, this blood is from the hymen. There are misconceptions that it comes from the womb, but in reality, the blood comes from where the hymen is torn.

Hymen Discharge

After the hymen is broken, discharge that lasts for a few days is absolutely normal. The reason for this is that the healing tissue produces “water” that could flow out as discharge and cause light spotting. The hymen discharge is usually a brown discharge. It may turn into a white or colorless discharge after full recovery.

How does the hymen close?

Once the hymen is broken, that is, when it is torn, it does not close on its own again. In other words, the old hymen structure ceases to exist; the hymen remains torn. There is only one (permanent) way to repair the hymen, and that is permanent hymen restoration.

How does the hymen heal?

After the hymen is torn during sexual intercourse, it starts healing, but the healing process depends on your body and the frequency of intercourse. For example, if, as a virgin, you experienced vaginal irritation due to too much discharge, the amount of tearing may be greater because of the reduced tissue strength. If you want a quick recovery, you should reduce your frequency of intercourse.

How many times does the hymen bleed?

After the first sexual intercourse bleeding, the hymen may still bleed in subsequent intercourses. Bleeding may occur several times, especially if you have intercourse again before the hymen heals. After the tissue has fully healed, the bleeding will stop.

Why does the hymen not bleed?

Although rare, the hymen may not bleed during the first sexual intercourse. The reason for this is that the hymen, known as the flexible membrane, has a large opening or is not torn despite intercourse due to its flexibility. This is a rare condition.

Is the hymen visible from the outside? Can we see it ourselves?

The hymen is not visible from the outside. A doctor can make it visible with a special maneuver. You may cause undesirable results when trying to examine the hymen by yourself. Therefore, the best thing to do is to be examined by an experienced gynecologist.

Can the hymen be felt with the finger?

It is very difficult to feel your hymen with your finger. If, as a virgin, you try to feel it with your finger, you may break it.

Is the hymen damaged by a finger inserted into the vagina?

The hymen is most likely damaged by an inserted finger. If you’ve had a finger inserted into your vagina, you should definitely be examined by a gynecologist.

How much does the hymen tear if a finger enters?

The hymen is approximately 2-3 cm inside from the entrance of the genital organ. If your finger reached the wet area and went beyond 2 cm from the vaginal opening, you can rupture the hymen.

Hymen Injury

An injury to the hymen is not a tear; this is different from tearing. An injury is surface damage, so the membrane can recover; however, a torn hymen can't recover. Injuries are often the result of accidents and intercourse-related friction.

How is the blood of the hymen?

When the hymen is broken during the first sexual intercourse, it comes in the form of a pink-red blood discharge. If the size of the tear increases due to the intensity of the intercourse or the contraction of the vaginal muscles, more “redder” blood will flow.

Is it possible to get pregnant without tearing the hymen?

This is a common question among those who practice rubbing the male genitalia against the female genitalia without penetration. More specifically, it is common when there is ejaculation from the penis on the vagina without penetration. It is important to note that conceiving without full sexual intercourse is difficult, but not impossible. Given that sperm comes out of the penis with pressure, it may fall into the vagina through the hole in the middle of the hymen. Since sperm cells are motile cells, they can make their way to the uterus and cause pregnancy. If you have missed your period and you were previously involved in the aforementioned sexual relationship, you should definitely do a pregnancy test.

Parts Of The Hymen

After the hymen is broken, the parts of the ruptured hymen thicken and enlarge when one engages in sexual intercourse a lot. If the hymen is largely torn, it may protrude from the vagina like a piece of flesh that you can even see in the mirror. In fact, you would be able to feel these pieces of hymen with your hands while cleaning yourself. If you are going to have hymen restoration, this piece of the hymen is repaired.

Why is the hymen important?

The hymen has been synonymous with the values ​​of virginity and purity since ancient times. In our society and in some other societies, the subject of virginity is equivalent to honor. Men and their families usually look out for your “virginity” blood on the wedding night. Sexual instinct is a powerful instinct, especially beginning in adolescence.

In fact, the main purpose of this innate instinct in us is procreation. While it was possible to marry at an early age in the past, the marital (and family building) age is now later due to economic, educational, and social reasons. For this reason, sexual intercourse may occur before marriage due to this instinct. So, don't feel too guilty; simply look ahead because of the possibility of repairing your hymen with hymen restoration surgery.

According to our customs and traditions, bleeding on the first (wedding) night is very important. It reinforces the feeling of trust on the first night of marriage. If your hymen is damaged for various reasons, you solve this social problem by having an experienced doctor perform a hymen repair procedure on you.

Does the hymen recover after it breaks?

Once the hymen is broken, it cannot return to its original state because it is a tight, delicate, and thin membrane. Only the torn area heals, but the tear does not close, so the hymen cannot return to its former state. A torn hymen cannot be restored on its own.


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