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Vaginal Tightening and Marriage

Vaginal Tightening and Marriage

About Vaginal Tightening and Marriage

The medical name for vaginal tightening operation is 'vaginoplasty'. Vaginal tightening operation has been researched and done by many married couples, especially in the last 10 years. The vagina is an important part of the genital area of ​​women that is not visible from the outside.

The harmony and friction between the vagina and the penis during sexual intercourse is the basic building block of sexual pleasure. The inner surface of the vagina is covered with mucous. This mucosa has a serrated structure. These serrations are called 'rugae'.

Under the vaginal mucosa, there is a connective tissue called fascia. This connective tissue keeps the mucosa tight and prevents the mucosa from deteriorating and tearing.

Under the fascia are the muscles of the vagina. The vaginal muscle is thin and covers the entire vagina. The vagina is also supported from the bottom by the pelvic muscles, especially up to the first half of the vagina from the vaginal opening.

The lubrication of the vagina is provided by the mucus secreted from the Bartholin glands of the vagina. Mucus is a saliva-like but oilier secretion. This mucus makes sexual intercourse more comfortable and protects the vagina from irritations.

Weakening or deterioration in any part of this anatomical integrity causes enlargement/laxity of the vagina. The vagina actually has a very flexible structure. Thanks to this stretching feature, the vagina allows a baby to pass through its narrow canal during normal childbirth.

Although the vagina is flexible, the possibility of permanent damage is very high, especially during complicated births and births of large babies. In fact, we’ve received many applications from those who didn’t experience problems during delivery but now experience post-natal vaginal laxity/enlargement. In other words, some normal deliveries can cause noticeable permanent damage to the anatomy of the vagina.

Not only normal birth but also some of those who have a cesarean section can apply because of the width of the vagina. Although the baby does not pass through the vagina at birth, the biggest reason for the enlargement of the vagina is the separation and weakening of the muscles and connective tissues in the vagina due to the pressure of the baby and the heavy uterus on the vagina during pregnancy.

The most important reasons for vaginal enlargement other than childbirth are aging, genetics, and being overweight. Due to tissue weakening as a result of aging, the vagina will become loose, and sagging may occur. When you are overweight, there is an increase in intra-abdominal pressure that causes the vaginal tissues to weaken, just like in pregnancy.

Why is vaginal tightening surgery important?

Vaginoplasty surgery restores an enlarged and loose vagina to its former shape and tightness. It restores the vaginal abilities that have been impaired both visually and functionally.

Many married couples experience unrest and unhappiness in their private lives due to vaginal enlargement. In fact, their unhappiness in sexual life ignites discussions on other issues that would not normally arise. Worse, the rate of cheating is increasing, and relationships can go in completely irreversible ways. Men often choose not to express their unhappiness to avoid offending their spouses.

Similar statements I heard from some of my patients summarize this very well. He says, “My wife doesn't say anything when I ask or there is no problem when I ask, but I feel that she is not satisfied.” Not only in terms of men but also when a woman’s vagina cannot hold on to a man’s penis, she becomes estranged during sex, making her unhappy.

Some of my patients with complaints of vaginal laxity usually make statements such as, "I don't understand anything when I am with my spouse; my sexual life is over." If you have or feel that you have this problem, you should consider a vaginoplasty operation before your relationship and marriage experience an irreversible downturn. This operation will certainly help you regain flavor and happiness in your sexual life.


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