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Labial Sagging of the Inner Lips

Labial Sagging of the Inner Lips

Saggy Labia Minora (Labial Sagging of the Inner Lips)

Labial sagging of the inner lips (i.e., the labia minora) is a term that describes an enlarged labia minora. This is a condition that many women experience, and it is characterized by a wide, dark, drooping, and enlarged labia minora.

What is Labial Sagging of the Inner Lips?

Surgically treated by labiaplasty, this common condition is characterized by a wide, dark, drooping, and enlarged labia minora. Some women may not like the appearance of a set of enlarged and asymmetrical or dark inner (vaginal) lips that sometimes protrude from their vagina. Others may be bothered by the irritation they experience while performing normal activities or the trouble they encounter in keeping their labial area clean.

Additionally, others may experience pain during sex, sports, or other vigorous activities. In fact, various questions may come up about whether the sagging of the inner lip is a concern/obstacle to marriage. It is definitely not an obstacle; however, your spouse will remember the first sighting of you naked.

A large, thick, or irregular labia may make you feel so embarrassed that you refrain from seeing a doctor or gynecologist, but this is the wrong way to go about it. Remember that if you do not talk about it, you will not find a suitable solution! There is always an expert to help. Labiaplasty reduces the enlarged labia or reshapes the irregular labia, thereby improving the appearance and reducing the associated discomfort.

For this reason, women who come in for medical examinations have inner vaginal lips of various shapes and sizes. This wide variation is completely normal, given that every person is inherently unique. However, some differences can be the reason for loss of self-confidence and physical discomfort, hindering one from enjoying life.

An enlarged, irregularly shaped or protruding inner lip can cause discomfort every day. This discomfort always resurfaces during intimacy with your partner, when you wear tight-fitting clothes, and when you work out. Nowadays, more and more women are able to talk openly about these problems and are more comfortable looking for solutions to boost their self-confidence.

What is the Treatment for Inner Labial Sagging?

As much as I would like to say that there is a natural solution to this problem, unfortunately, there is no such medicine or exercise. The only plausible solution is vaginal rejuvenation surgery (also known as labiaplasty). Labiaplasty has become a really popular procedure in recent years.

Many women are uncomfortable with the rough and dark appearance of the labia minora (labia minora) when they extend beyond the edges of the outer lips of the vagina (labia majora) or are drooping. Also, this excess tissue can be uncomfortable when wearing fitted clothing such as swimsuits and yoga pants, or when participating in activities such as cycling and horse riding.

Sex can also be uncomfortable if the lips are long or loose. In addition, enlarged inner lips increase perspiration and trigger the formation of bad odor. Some women don't like the look of enlarged labia, especially with the modern trend of waxing and hair removal focusing heavily on the genital area.

Cream for Inner Labial Sagging

The human skin stretches and sags as we age. Inner lip sagging may be the result of congenital conditions, aging, or external traumas. External traumas are normal things we encounter in our daily lives. Among the sources of external trauma, the most common are waxing, using a razor in epilation, sexual intercourse, etc.

The connective tissue is responsible for maintaining the firmness of the skin. The main element in the connective tissue is collagen. Decrease or prolongation of collagen synthesis is the main culprit for loose and saggy skin. Although there are creams that can stimulate this collagen synthesis, they do not yield effective results. Consequently, an ideal cream or drug to treat inner lip sagging has not been found yet.

The Cost of Inner Labial Sagging Surgery

The cost of inner lip sagging surgery is one of the frequently asked questions. This procedure is a cosmetic surgical operation that relies on extensive experience and requires special surgical instruments and materials. Although the price of labiaplasty surgery varies according to the depth and intensity of the procedure, it is further dependent on whether additional procedures such as vaginal tightening and labia majora (outer lips) aesthetics are performed on the patient.

You can easily reach us via our contact numbers for the cost and details of the inner lip sagging operation. Privacy is of utmost importance to us, so your conversations with us are not recorded and are confidential. You can also visit our clinic to see before and after photos of previous operations.


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