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Temporary Hymen Repair

Temporary Hymen Repair

What is Temporary Hymen Repair?

Temporary hymen repair is a type of hymen restoration surgery. As the name suggests, it is a temporary technique.

Although a patient’s request determines how long a temporary hymen repair would last, the procedure usually can be done to last up to 10 days. Women usually prefer this procedure when they are about to have sexual intercourse or for an imminent wedding.

If you have intercourse on the same day as the temporary hymen repair, you will still bleed. In other words, you will bleed when you have sexual intercourse at any time during the period given by your doctor after having a temporary hymen repair.

In the permanent hymen repair, a ‘new’ (hymen) membrane is constructed. In the temporary case, on the other hand, the hymenal ring is restored to its original state because long-lasting (lifetime) suturing is done. Generally, girls prefer permanent hymen repair for several reasons. The first one is for psychological reasons.

Loss of virginity is usually accompanied by a lack of self-confidence and feelings of guilt in young girls. The longer this situation lasts, the deeper one’s psychological wounds become. This is why permanent hymen repair is the preferred solution. The second reason is the issue of time.

As mentioned earlier, your first post-surgery intercourse should fall within the stipulated duration of the temporary hymen restoration (as stated by your doctor). In other words, you have to undergo the repair procedure on a date very close to your wedding date. However, It is not possible to know in advance whether you will be available on those dates. Therefore, young girls, who do not want to experience this stress, opt for the permanent procedure.

How is temporary hymen repair done?

Temporary hymen repair takes an average of 10 minutes, usually under local anesthesia. In other words, only the area to be treated is anesthetized. You can return to your home or work immediately after the procedure, and there is no need to use any medication after the procedure. Additionally, there is no post-operation pain. Just like in permanent hymenoplasty, you will have 100% bleeding during the first post-surgery intercourse.

The procedure does not prevent you from working, so you’re immediately allowed to resume work. Confidentiality is key, so the result of the procedure is not noticeable to your spouse or any other person. Temporary hymenoplasty is a process that requires experience, just like permanent hymenoplasty.

If I have a temporary hymen repair, will I get definitive results?

Yes, you will get 100% results. Temporary hymen repair is an extremely safe and successful method.

Things to consider before and after temporary hymen repair: Temporary hymen repair takes about 10 minutes and you can return home immediately after the procedure.

The following should be carefully noted when considering a temporary hymenoplasty;

  • Thoroughly research the experience of the doctor who will perform the repair,
  • Properly investigate the level of importance that the clinic attaches to cleanliness and confidentiality,
  • Before the procedure, communicate to your doctor when your plan to have your first post-surgery intercourse,
  • Be sure to have intercourse within the time recommended by your doctor,
  • If you are at risk of not having intercourse within the specified time, your doctor will offer you alternative solutions, like a new financially incentivized surgery plan.
  • Avoid heavy sports activities after undergoing the procedure,
  • Do not allow water into the vagina after the procedure and take your showers standing up.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a more detailed fee- or miscellaneous-related information about temporary and permanent hymen repair.


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