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How Do We Know if the Hymen is Damaged or Torn?

How Do We Know if the Hymen is Damaged or Torn?

The Hymen

The hymen is a ring-shaped structure located approximately 2 cm inside the vagina, and it prevents microbes from entering the vagina.

The hymen still maintains its social and cultural importance in our country and in many parts of the world. So, how do we know if the hymen is broken? You can get the answer to this question after a medical examination by a very good specialist gynecologist.

What is the Hymen? What is its structure?

The hymen is a structure that is located within two cm of the vagina and prevents microbes from entering the vagina.

How Many Types of Hymen are There?

There are many types of hymen. These include:

Annular hymen (round ring): It is a ring-shaped hymen with a round hole in the middle of the hymen.

Crescentic hymen (half-moon): In this type, the upper part of the membrane is usually thinner or completely absent.

Septate hymen: This is a type that has a band of extra tissue (analogous to a bridge) called septa that results in a ‘divided’ hymen.

Cribriform hymen (multi-perforated): It is a type of hymen with more than one hole in the middle.

Parous introitus hymen (without any holes): Here, there is no hole in the middle of the hymen. Girls in this situation do not menstruate because the entrance to the vagina is completely closed. In such a situation, surgical intervention is absolutely necessary.

Microferrous hymen (small hole): The hole in the middle of the hymen is quite small. In this condition, sexual intercourse in the hymen is also very painful.

Multiparous hymen (found in women who have given birth): It is the type of hymen seen in women who have given birth normally.

How Do We Know If The Hymen Has Been Damaged or Torn?

Sometimes after “frictional intercourse” or during masturbation, when a sharp object enters the entrance of the vagina, we wonder whether the hymen is broken or not. You cannot tell just by looking at it. For the most accurate answer to this, if you have such a doubt in your mind, you can apply to an expert obstetrician.

Does the hymen break when the male genitalia is rubbed against the female genitalia without penetration? How Do We Know?

Young girls usually worry in this situation, especially if they experience spotting or pain after the “rubbing” process; they worry about whether the hymen is torn. The best and most accurate way to understand this is to go to a specialist obstetrician and get examined.

How is the Hymen Examined? Who Performs the Examination?

The hymen examination is performed by obstetricians. In the examination of the hymen, you lie on the gynecological table and the doctor opens the inner vaginal lips to perform the examination. The procedure takes a very short time, and it is painless.

Is Hymen Repair A Painful Procedure?

The hymen is repaired under local anesthesia. You may have very mild pain during or after the procedure; however, this level of pain is not unbearable.

How many times is the hymen repair done?

After the hymen is restored, it can be damaged again for various reasons. In such cases, you girls wonder if they could undergo the repair procedure again. Yes, you have your damaged hymen repaired even after previously undergoing the procedure.

Will my partner notice the hymen repair?

This is one of the most common concerns. No, your partner will not notice that you had your hymen restored.

What is the Price of Hymen Repair?

The price of this procedure is approximately the same in every medical center; however, I do not find it very ethical to provide cost-related information on the internet.

You can always visit our clinic for a free appointment or contact us via our contact lines to get the information you require. I am always happy to assist you.


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