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Permanent Hymen Repair

Permanent Hymen Repair

Permanent hymen repair is an operation to permanently repair the damaged hymen. The reason why it is called permanent is that it maintains its permanence until the first sexual intercourse.

Two Types of Hymen Repair

  • Temporary hymen repair
  • Permanent hymen repair

In this article, we will discuss the permanent hymen repair procedure in detail.

All our girls basically want a happy relationship and then a happy marriage, but for various reasons, relationships do not always end in marriage. Sexual intercourse in love relationships is common nowadays. Some of these relationships lead to marriage, while others result in separation.

While there is no permanent damage to men during separations, there is a loss of virginity in girls.

Virginity, on the other hand, appears as a necessary element for marriage because it is a highly sought trait in most parts of our country. Virginity actually means that you bleed on your wedding night.

During the first sexual intercourse, bleeding that results from the penis tearing the ring-shaped hymen is seen as proof of virginity. Some families go the extra mile to require that the couple present the blood-stain sheets. Therefore, the number of those who resort to hiding their sheets is too high to be underestimated. Let's now take an in-depth look at how permanent hymen repair is performed.

What does permanent hymen repair entail?

Permanent hymen repair, as the name suggests, is a permanent hymen restoration procedure.

Its permanence is until your first sexual intercourse. For example, if your first sexual intercourse is after 10 years after undergoing a permanent hymen repair, you will still bleed notwithstanding when you did the surgery. Once you decide to go ahead with a permanent hymen repair, you can get all the information you require by visiting our clinic for an appointment or by calling first. For hygienic reasons, it is beneficial for you to do an epilation before the operation.

How is permanent hymen repair done?

Permanent hymen repair is a process that takes 20-25 minutes on average. You need not exaggerate the process because the operation area is a very small area.

The procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia, that is, regional numbing. If you have vaginismus or, for psychological reasons, do not want local anesthesia, general anesthesia can be performed. If you have a widened vagina from your previous intercourses or due to genetic reasons, a vaginal tightening operation can also be performed in conjunction with the hymen repair.

In this case, your damaged hymen is repaired; rather, a new hymen must be ‘made’. This new hymen is created from your own tissue. This method is called the flap method. The experience of your doctor in this regard is very important in the flap method.

Your hymen is repaired by using a sufficient number of fold flaps. You will not feel any pain during the repair process; you can even chat with your doctor during the procedure. You can return home immediately after the procedure.

Hymen repair (hymenoplasty) does not prevent you from continuing with your work, that is, you can resume work after the surgery. The post-surgery pain is nothing to be scared about. You ought to be mindful of some details after your hymen repair.

These are points to be carefully noted during the first month following the surgery:

  • You should take care to keep the operation area dry and clean.
  • You should endeavor to shower while standing up.
  • Avoid large bodies of water like the sea, pool, and sauna.
  • Endeavor to go for cotton underwear.
  • You should not engage in heavy sports activities.
  • You should use the medicines given by your doctor regularly.

Will I get definite results from permanent hymen repair?

Yes, you will get 100% results from the permanent hymen repair performed by an experienced gynecologist; however, bear in mind that you will definitely bleed.

Where is the permanent hymen repair done?

We can answer this question as follows;

It is beneficial to choose clinics that perform this procedure on a regular basis because hymen repair requires experience and knowledge. You may encounter many difficulties if you go with inexperienced practitioners. In experienced centers, patient confidentiality is also given importance.

You are special and should be made to feel special. As much as possible, refrain from meeting anyone when you go for the procedure. You should also be informed in detail. For more detailed information and appointment scheduling, don’t hesitate to you can call our clinic.


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