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Barbie Vagina Aesthetics

Barbie Vagina Aesthetics

Barbie Vagina Aesthetics Turkey

The “Barbie doll vagina” is a special vagina appearance, which has become very popular among young and middle-aged women abroad. Barbie vagina is also known as “bajina”, which is derived from the words, “barbie” and “vagina”.

The main feature of the Barbie doll's vagina is that none of the dark inner vaginal lips and pink vaginal tissues are visible when viewed from the outside. In other words, only the slit is visible from the outside. The name of this slit is called the pudendal cleft (or the cleft of Venus).

How is the Barbie Doll Bajina Procedure Performed?

There are basically three procedures in the barbie doll vagina operation. Sometimes, two of these three processes are enough to yield the desired results. The three procedures are;

Adequate Labiaplasty; In order to prevent the inner labia from being visible from the outside (particularly from behind),the labia minora are sufficiently reduced.

Clitoral hoodoplasty; The excess of the skin covering the clitoris, also called the clitoral hood, is removed to reduce the clitoris's puffiness and get rid of its wrinkled appearance.

Labia majora Lift (fat filling); Women know from their circles that the large vaginal lips (labia majora) are more puffy and fuller in chubby women. The main reason for this is that the outer vaginal lips contain a tissue that is used to store fat. This is the reason why weight loss in fat women causes their previously enlarged vaginal lips to weaken, start sagging and form wrinkles. In some cases, this could be observed in genetically and structurally deflated thin outer vaginal lips.

The main feature of the barbie vagina is the outer lips that look full from the outside and only the pudendal cleft between them. To achieve this cosmetic appearance, the deflated thin outer lips are filled with fat taken from your own body. Other aesthetic vagina operations that may accompany these three main procedures can be included depending on the need. Such additional procedures are vaginal tightening, G-spot amplification, and vaginal rejuvenation.

Barbie Vajina Estetiği

Barbie Doll Vagina

The procedures required to produce the barbie doll vagina appearance seen in the picture vary from patient to patient (due to the variation in vaginal lip sizes). The Barbie Doll Vagina procedure should be performed according to the lip measurements of each woman.

Every operation is meticulously tailored in line with the patient's demands. Barbie doll vaginoplasty is generally a common request.

Barbie Vagina Aesthetics Price

Barbie doll vagina price is one of the topics researched all over the world. This operation is a genital cosmetic-aesthetic operation. Cosmetic and aesthetic operations are generally not covered by the state unless they are obligatory.

Fees may vary depending on whether there are other genital aesthetic operations performed in conjunction with the barbie doll operation. However, genital aesthetic operations usually yield very satisfactory results. Due to ethical reasons, the cost breakdown is not shared here.

For detailed information about the fees and other related concerns, you can call us via our contact numbers or visit our clinic for a face-to-face meeting.

Vaginal Tightening with Barbie Vagina Aesthetics

Vaginal tightening can be done together with the Barbie doll vagina operation. If there is a complaint about vaginal laxity or if there is a desire to rejuvenate the vagina, the vaginal tightening operation is also performed. Factors such as natural childbirth, aging, weight gain, and genetics can contribute to the weakening and enlargement of the vaginal tissue.

In vaginal tightening surgery, weakened vaginal muscles are tightened, and loosened vaginal tissue is made stronger and narrower. The operation lasts an average of 30-45 minutes. The overarching goal of this operation is to tighten the vaginal opening. It is generally performed under general or spinal (waist) anesthesia. In some cases, it can also be performed with local anesthesia.


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