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Aesthetics of the Clitoris

Aesthetics of the Clitoris

What is clitoris aesthetics?

Clitoris aesthetics, also known as clitoral hoodoplasty, is a gynecological (aesthetic) procedure performed to remove excess tissues around or covering the clitoris to produce an aesthetic appearance. In this aesthetic operation, the operated area includes the skin folds that cover and protect the clitoris; the clitoris is left untouched. Other medical terms for the aforementioned skin are the clitoral hood, preputium clitoridis, and clitoral prepuce. The surgical procedure is also commonly called clitoris cosmetic surgery or clitoral hood reduction surgery.

Excessive skin folds around the clitoris can cause the vagina to externally appear ‘ugly’. Sometimes, this can be visible when a woman wears tight clothing; therefore, it can make her feel bad. In some women, these excess skin folds lower the clitoris. Consequently, removing the excess skin by clitoral hoodoplasty enhances sexual pleasure.

Where is the clitoris?

The clitoris is part of the external female genitalia called the vulva. The clitoris is just below a small skin fold (actually known as the clitoral hood) at the upper meeting point of the inner vaginal lips. The size of the clitoris (found above the urethra) can vary from person to person.

The tip of the clitoris becomes visible when the clitoral hood is lifted. The clitoris is the primary source of female sexual pleasure. In women, orgasm is most commonly achieved from the G-spot (inside the vagina) and the clitoris.

How is clitoris aesthetics done?

In the clitoris aesthetic operation, also known as clitoral hoodoplasty (or clitoral hood reduction),the clitoral hood is reshaped by reducing the enlarged and redundant tissues.

Reducing the clitoral hood entails making bilateral incisions on either side of the hood. There are two types of incision techniques that can be applied, namely horseshoe resection and straight-line resection. Here, an adequate amount of skin (preputium) tissues covering the clitoris are resectioned (reduced),thus creating a highly aesthetic small clitoris appearance. The procedure uses a CO2 laser and/or conventional resection/incision.

Patients receive light local anesthesia for the procedure. Very thin absorbable aesthetic sutures are used and they dissolve in about 3 weeks. The stitches are not visible from the outside and they leave no scar.

Clitoris aesthetic surgery is a minor harmless procedure. You can return home after the procedure and resume work the following day. Post-surgery recovery takes about 15 days, you will not experience much pain.

Advantages of clitoris aesthetic surgery:

  • There’s very little pain or discomfort
  • The operation takes about 30 minutes,
  • You can return to work the next day,
  • It prevents bad odors (these (bad odors) are usually the result of discharge accumulating in the clitoral hood).
  • There’ll be no disturbing appearance of your pubic region when you wear tight clothes, so the operation makes you more comfortable.

Does Clitoral Hoodoplasty (negatively) Affect Sexual Pleasure?

Certainly, no. On the contrary, since the operation reduces the excess skin that adversely affects clitoral pleasure, it makes it easier to stimulate the clitoris. During the operation, the clitoris and the nerves surrounding it are left untouched.

Risks Associated with Clitoris Aesthetic Surgery

Clitoris aesthetic surgery is an extremely safe cosmetic operation. Particularly when performed by an experienced doctor, risks are almost non-existent.

Can labiaplasty and clitoris aesthetic surgery be performed together?

Clitoral hoodoplasty is usually done in conjunction with a labiaplasty, which reduces the size of a woman's labia minor (inner vaginal lips). Since labiaplasty changes the clitoral skin, women generally preferred having it with clitoral hoodoplasty in the same session to prevent tissues that may protrude beyond the edges of the outer vaginal lips.

How will I trust my doctor for clitoris aesthetics?

The choice of an ideal doctor to perform clitoris aesthetics is one of the most searched topics for interested patients. Such patients usually express their trust-related concerns. In such a case, meeting with your doctor face to face and seeing before and after photos of previous operations will help to boost your confidence in the doctor. This way, you will be more comfortable going in for the surgery.

How much does clitoris aesthetic surgery cost?

This is a commonly asked question. Aesthetic surgeries are usually once-in-a-lifetime surgeries. Hence, a doctor's experience is equally as important as the price. Due to ethical rules, we cannot give prices on the internet; however, rest assured that the fees are budget-friendly. You can reach out to us via our contact numbers or visit our clinic to get detailed information about the fees and other related concerns you may have.


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