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Hospitals that Perform Hymen Restoration Surgery

Hospitals that Perform Hymen Restoration Surgery

This is a common question; however, this surgery is not available in hospitals. It is usually only performed in private clinics.

Hymen repair is a very important issue for women, and they do not want to leave things to chance. For 16 years, I have been working assiduously to help women in this situation so that they are not oppressed and excluded in any way. If you are a victim of this same issue, you can come to my clinic for high-quality help.

Is the Hymen Repairable?

The hymen can be damaged for various reasons. A ruptured hymen usually causes women to worry sometimes. However, with the hymen repair procedure, the hymen is restored, thereby helping women to get rid of this problem.

How is the Hymen Repaired?

This is a subject of curiosity among women. They constantly occupy their minds with various questions such as “How is the hymen repaired?”, “Will the hymen really bleed as a result of the repair procedure?”, etc. When the hymen is broken, it could be repaired based on the wedding date, and bleeding is guaranteed during the first intercourse. I help countless female patients who come to me with this issue that may initially seem too difficult to explain.

What are the Types of Hymen Repair?

The hymen can be repaired in two ways - permanent repair and temporary repair.

Permanent Hymen Repair

With the permanent hymen repair method, the hymen is reconstructed with tissues taken from the side walls of the vagina. I also perform vaginal tightening along with permanent hymen restoration to return the vagina to its original state. Permanent hymen restoration is performed under local anesthesia and takes an average of 30 minutes. There is no pain during or after the procedure. You can choose this method if you have at least one month till your wedding or if you don’t have any near-future plans for marriage. Permanent hymen repair is for life.

Temporary Hymen Repair

You can choose the temporary hymen repair process if you have a week left for your marriage. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes about 20 minutes. You do not experience any pain after the procedure. During this procedure, the hymen is restored to ensure 100% bleeding during intercourse. The medical thread used during the procedure has the same color as your skin, so your partner won’t be able to see it.

Will there be definite bleeding after the hymen repair procedure?

This is also a subject of curiosity among women. Will the hymen bleed after the repair (during the first intercourse?) Yes, if the procedure is carried out by an experienced doctor, the hymen will 100% bleed.

Is Hymen Restoration A Painful Procedure?

Hymen repair is performed with local anesthesia, and you will not feel any pain during or after the procedure.

Choosing a Doctor to Carry Out the Hymen Repair Procedure

I think the most important factor in hymen repair is the choice of doctor; therefore, one must be diligent in making this choice. I have been serving women in this regard for years and proffering solutions to their problems. In all my years of performing this procedure, there has never been any problem or complication. In all the procedures I have done, there was bleeding during the first intercourse post-surgery. Therefore, you should trust us in this regard; I am always happy to assist you.

How Much Does Hymen Repair Cost?

The price of hymen restoration surgery is also a commonly researched subject. However, it is worth noting that the success of the procedure is significantly more important than the price. Hymen repair prices are approximately the same in every center. I do not find it very ethical to provide cost-related information on the internet. You can always visit our clinic for a free appointment or contact us via our contact lines to get the information you require.

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